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TV Power Rankings: Week Of 6/13

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Quick note about the power rankings: This is a quick glance at what I consider to be the twenty best shows that have aired in the calendar year 2011 thus far. I’m only one man and, while I watch an obscene amount of television, I haven’t watched everything (yet) and as I get caught up, the results may fluctuate. Also, subpar episodes of a show on the list may drop it in the rankings just as exceptional episodes can boost it. I’ll try to post these rankings on a weekly basis.

  1. Justified (FX) – Season 2
  2. Friday Night Lights (NBC) – Season 5
  3. Parks And Recreation (NBC) – Season 3
  4. Game Of Thrones (HBO) – Season 1
  5. The Vampire Diaries (CW) – Season 2 (2nd Half)
  6. Community (NBC) – Season 2 (2nd Half)
  7. Archer (FX) – Season 2
  8. The Chicago Code (FOX) – Season 1
  9. Cougar Town (ABC) – Season 2 (2nd Half)
  10. Bob’s Burgers (FOX) – Season 1
  11. Parenthood (NBC) – Season 1 (2nd Half)
  12. Treme (HBO) – Season 2
  13. Childrens Hospital (ADULT SWIM) – Season 3
  14. The Good Wife (CBS) – Season 2 (2nd Half)
  15. South Park (COMEDY CENTRAL) – Season 15
  16. Lights Out (FX) – Season 1
  17. Doctor Who (BBC) – Season 6
  18. Chuck (NBC) – Season 4 (2nd Half)
  19. Tosh.0 (COMEDY CENTRAL) – Season 3
  20. Robot Chicken (ADULT SWIM) – Season 5


  • Justified has been the best thing on TV this year so far and it isn’t really even close. The show was impressive in its debut season but struggled to balance its standalone episodes with the ones that served the season’s larger arc. Showrunner Graham Yost has thankfully corrected that flaw this season as the season’s storyline that pitted Timothy Olyphant’s Raylan Givens against the drug-dealing, power-hungry Bennett clan was dynamite from the season’s opener to the high-body count finale. Not quite to the level of 2010’s best (Breaking Bad’s phenomenal third season), but very close.
  • Game Of Thrones leaps into the top five on the strength of this past Sunday’s episode, “Baelor.” Any show that has the balls to do what GoT did this week deserves major kudos and a boost in the rankings.
  • You may scoff at its high placement but, for my money, the best roller-coaster ride on TV so far this year just might be The Vampire Diaries. Yes, really. The show runs through plot like no other show on TV and is burning so white-hot that there’s no way that it can continue its pace but it’s possibly the most wildly entertaining show on the air right now. Not only that, but it’s actually starting to receive some critical love with this second stretch of episodes in its sophomore season. Think of it as the .250 hitter who’s all of a sudden reeled off a 30-game hit streak. You know it won’t last, but it’s fun to watch it while it’s going on.
  • Feel free to chime in on the comments with your thoughts on what may be too high or too low in the rankings.

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June 16, 2011 at 1:43 am

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  1. What are your thoughts on Breaking Bad? I know the season starts in a couple of weeks… looking forward to it or do you think it’s running a thin line of not being believable?

    Rob (@rbp2) Peterson

    June 22, 2011 at 3:26 pm

  2. Hey Rob… yeah, I’m really, really looking forward to Breaking Bad. I had its third season as my top show for 2010 and, truth be told, it was probably one of the best seasons any show has ever had. Expectations are really high and a season like that will be tough to duplicate but I fully expect it to be close to the top of my rankings when it’s all said and done. Your point about it running a thin line of not being believable is an interesting one. On the one hand, it would probably be pretty easy for it to descend into self-parody if they go too pulpy in tone and the fact that Vince Gilligan (the show’s creator) didn’t have last year planned out ahead of time — he made it all up as he went along — is both impressive and terrifying. However, at the same time, I think the transformation we’ve seen in the Walter White character is still believable. Seeing the things that he’s seen and doing the things that he’s had to do over the show’s three seasons would clearly change a person and, I think for now at least, they’re still on the right side of things. But they definitely have to be careful.


    June 22, 2011 at 3:59 pm

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