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  • Whatever happened to the days when summer was a dead zone for original programming? This month alone has seen the high profile debuts of MTV’s Teen Wolf, TNT’s Falling Skies, and FX’s Wilfred, the returns of hits like HBO’s True Blood, FX’s Louie, USA’s White Collar, and Showtime’s Weeds as well as assorted other new and returning series (ABC Family’s Switched At Birth, ABC’s Rookie Blue, and TNT’s Franklin & Bash just to name a few). How’s a TV addict supposed to get caught up on backlogged DVR’d shows and Netflix streaming movies with all of these options, networks? I mean, really. Not that I’m really complaining. #TVaddictproblems
  • USA’s wildly overrated Burn Notice returned this past Thursday to an audience of 5.16 million viewers while more than three times less at 1.56 million tuned in to FX’s genius (that’s right — genius) comedy Louie. This is why we can’t have nice things, America.
  • This item’s about a week old, but there are rumors that Dave Chappelle is working on a new series, most likely for a subscription service like Netflix or Crackle. Chappelle’s reps have denied it but it makes more sense than you might think. Netflix has recently plunged headfirst into the original programming game by spending a reported $100 million and outbidding HBO and Showtime for House Of Cards, the David Fincher-produced and Kevin Spacey-starring original drama that’s set to exclusively hit Netflix’s streaming service in 2012. There were also rumblings that they may take a look at reviving Fox’s cancelled The Chicago Code as well so bringing Chappelle and his sizeable fanbase on board would be a big step toward building an interesting original slate of programming for the company that fancies itself a cable competitor. One of Chappelle’s alleged problems with Comedy Central that lead to the abrupt end of Chappelle’s Show was network interference so working with Netflix would seem to give him the creative freedom he didn’t have back in 2006 when the show ended. Doubt that this happens, but we can dream.
  • Jason Patric has been announced as the lead in FX’s upcoming comic adaptation, Powers. FX is on an incredible roll quality-wise with their original series (JustifiedTerriers, Louie, Lights Out, Wilfred) and may be the network with the most per capita prestige series (now that AMC has screwed themselves with The Killing) but now they just need some viewers to match the caliber of their shows. For their sake, hopefully Powers can deliver both.
  • Darren Aronofsky will direct the pilot for Hobgoblin, HBO’s in-development supernatural WWII series. Scorscese (Boardwalk Empire), Mann (Luck), Aronofsky… HBO clearly has no trouble attracting A-list directors to their projects. Since Aronofsky has never been anything less than amazing as a director, this puts Hobgoblin on the radar in a big way.
  • Rob McElhenney has gained 50 pounds to play Mac as a fat guy on the seventh season of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia this fall simply because he thought it would be funny if Mac was fat. Think about that. 50 pounds. Because he thought it would be funny. NOTHING is sacred on It’s Always Sunny, which is what makes it wildly funny with one of the most rabid fanbases on television.

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June 26, 2011 at 8:00 am

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