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TV Power Rankings: Week Of 8/22

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Quick note about the power rankings: This is a quick glance at what I consider to be the twenty best shows that have aired in the calendar year 2011 thus far. Also? I just really like lists. I’m only one man and, while I watch an obscene amount of television, I haven’t watched everything (yet). I may burn through a month’s worth of a particular show in one week and the results can fluctuate as a result. These ratings are dynamic, thus, subpar episodes of a show on the list may cause it to drop the rankings just as an exceptional episode can boost it. I’ll post these on a semi-weekly basis (except when I don’t) and you can find last time’s rankings in parentheses.

  1. (1)   Friday Night Lights (NBC) – Season 5
  2. (2)   Breaking Bad (AMC) – Season  4
  3. (4)   Louie (FX) – Season 2
  4. (3)   Justified (FX) – Season 2
  5. (5)   Parks And Recreation (NBC) – Season 3
  6. (6)   Game Of Thrones (HBO) – Season 1
  7. (7)   The Vampire Diaries (CW) – Season 2 (2nd Half)
  8. (8)   Community (NBC) – Season 2 (2nd Half)
  9. (9)   Archer (FX) – Season 2
  10. (10) Treme (HBO) – Season 2
  11. (11) The Chicago Code (FOX) – Season 1
  12. (12) Cougar Town (ABC) – Season 2 (2nd Half)
  13. (13) Bob’s Burgers (FOX) – Season 1
  14. (14) Childrens Hospital (ADULT SWIM) – Season 3
  15. (15) Parenthood (NBC) – Season 1 (2nd Half)
  16. (16) The Good Wife (CBS) – Season 2 (2nd Half)
  17. (18) Lights Out (FX) – Season 1
  18. (17) Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO) – Season 8
  19. (NR) Awkward (MTV)Season 1
  20. (NR) ThunderCats (TOON) – Season 1

Dropped Out: Teen Wolf, Torchwood: Miracle Day  


  • A lot of stasis in the rankings this time of year but expect some changes to start hitting in about a month as the fall season kicks into full gear. Not only will returning series have a chance to boost or hurt their positions, but a brand new crop of shows will be fighting for a way in. For a TV junkie, it really is the most wonderful time of the year.
  • I was recently having a conversation with a friend about Louie and he asked me if it was possible that it should be considered the best television show ever. It might be a little too early to make that claim as the series is only in its second season but I can say that there’s no show in recent memory that’s equaled the roll that Louie‘s been on over the past four or five weeks. I mean, we’re talking about the kind of episodes where, whenever the show finishes its run (hopefully no time soon), people will look back and list them among the series’ best. “Oh, Louie/Tickets” actually made me feel for Dane Cook for Christ’s sake. That takes some gargantuan talent to pull something that off. It’s fair to say that Louis CK is operating on another plane from every other comedian today and it shows in his vision for Louie. The only concern over its first season was its lack of consistency but CK always aimed for something, which is more than can be said about many of his peers. That lack of consistency has been all but completely eliminated this year and, after FX made the no-brainer decision to pick the series up for a third season earlier this month, it’s hard to imagine how it can improve next year on what’s been near perfection. If anyone can do it though, Louis CK is proving to be the type of guy who can.
  • MTV’s Awkward and Cartoon Network’s re-boot of ThunderCats make their first appearances in the rankings. As I mentioned last time, Awkward is a winning mix of comedy and earnestness that’s well on its way to being the most pleasant surprise of the summer while ThunderCats manages to balance both action that’s appropriate and entertaining for kids while giving adults enough of an actual storyline to keep the grown-ups interested. Plus, it’s just very cool to be able to watch something that I watched as a kid with my own five-year-old son. Both have been faring well with audiences with Awkward already receiving a second-season pickup and ThunderCats routinely placing highly in the 18-49 demographic on Friday nights. Here’s hoping for continued success for both series as they’re showing that they deserve it.
  • As always, feel free to chime in on the comments with your thoughts on what may be too high or too low in the rankings.

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August 24, 2011 at 9:17 pm

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  1. Here’s a question, and I mean this in all seriousness: Which use of flatulence was better on Louie? The pregnant woman in the hospital or C.K. jacking off in the bathroom? I might actually lean toward the latter, just because it shouldn’t have been unexpected (he mentioned it earlier in the episode) but yet it still was surprising and a laugh-out-loud funny way to end that episode.

    Jon Fassnacht

    August 26, 2011 at 2:35 pm

    • I think the masturbation one was. That episode as a whole was better than the opener and it kind of came out of nowhere while being somewhat expected at the same time like you mentioned. It was also the perfect way to end that particular story. One of the other great things about that episode, and I forget which other critic mentioned this, was that it would have been very easy to make the anti-masturbation woman a caricature but it’s like CK went out of his way to not do that and to instead validate her viewpoint to the audience, which made it much more human and completely true to what the show is. Just one of the reasons that Louie is on another level from almost everything else on TV right now.


      August 26, 2011 at 10:22 pm

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