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Hitting The Reset Button

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First things first – if you’re a regular visitor to the site, thank you very much. I appreciate you taking time out of your day to read my drivel more than you know. If this is the first time you’re finding us, welcome and I hope that you’ll find something that interests you and you’ll decide to stick around for a while.

When I started the blog back in June, I never intended for it to become an all-Breaking Bad review site. Much as I enjoy the show and feel that it’s one of the best dramas that television has ever produced, I never meant for this to be a place solely devoted to one show and that’s kind of how things have been lately. With that in mind, I’m hitting the reset button. We’re going to start talking about more than just Breaking Bad, dammit! There’s too much good television out there that deserves to be discussed and if you’re anything like me, discussing television is just as fun as watching it [1].

[1] Although I still have one piece on the Breaking Bad finale, “Face Off,” to be completed but that’ll be the last one for a while. I swear.

As far as the changes to the blog are concerned, some of the features that have been here in the past such as the TV Power Rankings and (of course) reviews will be sticking around, and in addition I’ve been kicking around a few new ideas as well. The Breaking Bad format was fun (if a little unwieldy at times) so there’s a possibility that I might be going back to look at some older shows on an episode-by-episode basis. But don’t worry – those reviews won’t be nearly as long as the Breaking Bad pieces were. I promise. There will also be some more short burst posts on “news of the day” types of items, along with some other things I’m still developing. My hope is that this will help to make Jeremy Likes TV an enjoyable place for TV analysis and discussion. With that in mind, don’t be shy – please feel free to add your voice wherever and whenever possible.

Looking ahead, I’m working on a review of FX’s newest hit, American Horror Story, so look for that to be posted either late today or tomorrow [2] and I’ll also be posting some quick hits on news that we might find interesting.

[2] As a tease, here’s a quick impression of the show: It makes me actively angry.

I love TV. You love TV. So… let’s get back to talking about some TV.


Written by jeremylikestv

October 26, 2011 at 1:45 pm

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