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The Walking Dead Renewed For Season Three, Surprising No One

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On the heels of delivering record-breaking ratings to AMC with its second season premiere [1] and after being seen by more than ten million viewers in 122 countries for that same airing, AMC announced yesterday that it’s bringing The Walking Dead back for a third season next fall. The move was a no-brainer as the series brings both critical and mainstream support to a network in need of both with Breaking Bad’s end date announced a few months ago, the general failure that was The Killing’s finale earlier in the spring, and the mystifying departure of Walking Dead executive producer Frank Darabont earlier this year all chipping away at the network’s heretofore pristine reputation. To those of you worried (for some insane reason) that your zombie fix was going to be going away after this year, rest easy.

[1] Over seven million people watched the premiere at 9:00 PM on October 16, putting it on par with – ugh, Jersey Whore Shore – as the most-watched series on cable. Two encore airings that same night jumped the number up to over ten million. Them’s impressive numbers.

On a side note, I’ve been going back and watching season one of The Walking Dead a second time on Netflix [2] before diving into the two season two episodes that have aired so far, mainly because I’ve watched a helluva lot of television since season one aired last fall and I wanted a refresher course. In watching it, I’m struck by how much better the show was than I’d remembered. I think I’d allowed the disappointing finale (the destruction of the CDC building) to color my perception of the entire season, but I’m impressed by just how dark and shocking most of the season was. Rick’s awakening to a new world order in “Days Gone Bye;” the disgusting zombie suits donned out of necessity by Rick and Glenn in “Guts;” Shane’s brutal beatdown of asshole Ed in “Tell It To The Frogs;” and the shocking zombie attack on the survivor camp that concluded “Vatos.” The series also uses moments of silence better than almost anything that I can name right now. The Walking Dead is a bleak look at humanity, but it’s easily one of the top 10 to 15 shows currently airing on television. I’m very anxious to see if season two can continue to sustain its momentum and quality.

[2] In fact, I’m watching episode five, “Wildfire,” right now as I write this.


Written by jeremylikestv

October 26, 2011 at 6:00 pm

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