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TV Power Rankings: Week Of 10/31

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Quick note about the power rankings: This is a quick glance at what I consider to be the twenty best shows that have aired in the calendar year 2011 thus far. Also? I just really like lists. I’m only one man and, while I watch an obscene amount of television, I haven’t watched everything (yet). I may burn through a month’s worth of a particular show in one week and the results can fluctuate as a result. These ratings are dynamic, thus, subpar episodes of a show on the list may cause it to drop the rankings just as an exceptional episode can boost it. I’ll post these on a semi-weekly basis (except when I don’t) and you can find last time’s rankings in parentheses.

  1. (3)   Louie (FX) – Season 2
  2. (2) Breaking Bad (AMC) – Season 4
  3. (1)   Friday Night Lights (NBC) – Season 5
  4. (4)   Justified (FX) – Season 2
  5. (-)   Boardwalk Empire (HBO) – Season 2
  6. (5)   Parks And Recreation (NBC) – Season 3/Season 4 (1st Half)
  7. (7)   The Vampire Diaries (CW) – Season 2 (2nd Half)/Season 3 (1st Half)
  8. (6)   Game Of Thrones (HBO) – Season 1
  9. (8)   Community (NBC) – Season 2 (2nd Half)/Season 3 (1st Half)
  10. (9)   Archer (FX) – Season 2
  11. (-) Homeland (SHO) – Season 1
  12. (10) Treme (HBO) – Season 2
  13. (-) Sons Of Anarchy (FX) – Season 4
  14. (11) The Chicago Code (FOX) – Season 1
  15. (12) Cougar Town (ABC) – Season 2 (2nd Half)
  16. (-) It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (FX) – Season 7
  17. (18) Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO) – Season 8
  18. (-) New Girl (FOX) – Season 1
  19. (13) Bob’s Burgers (FOX) – Season 1
  20. (19) Awkward (MTV) – Season 1

Dropped Out: Childrens Hospital, Parenthood, The Good Wife, Lights Out, ThunderCats


  • After close to a three-month break, the power rankings make their (not so) triumphant return with a new show atop the list. FX’s Louie‘s second season was a revelation. Series creator/star/director/writer/caterer Louis CK operated on another level from everyone and everything else on television this year and his show is well deserving of the top spot. Never afraid to take risks, almost every single one that CK attempted this year landed and landed with gusto. The stretch of episodes that ranged from “Country Drive” through “Eddie” was a historic streak of classic episodes unlike any other that I can remember in recent television history. The wait until next summer’s new episodes is already proving painful, but if the show’s second season is any indication, it will be well worth it.
  • Because of the lengthy gap between now and the last time we published the rankings, there’s been a lot of turnover as Boardwalk Empire, Homeland, Sons Of Anarchy, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and New Girl all make their first appearances on our list. I expected Boardwalk Empire to end up here based on its top five finish in 2010 for its debut season, but its sophomore set is arguably better with the conflict between Nucky Thompson and Jimmy Darmody shaping up quite nicely. Sons Of Anarchy is a having a solid bounce-back season after a dud of a third year, and It’s Always Sunny is its reliable, bawdily hilarious self in its seventh (seventh!) season. Homeland and New Girl stand as the fall’s best new cable and network shows, respectively.
  • Yes, I have The Vampire Diaries ahead of Game Of Thrones right now. What of it? Reason: I look forward to new episodes of TVD more than I looked forward to new Game Of Thrones installments. Simple as that.
  • A show conspicuous by its absence that I expect to be here before too long? The Walking Dead. Three episodes of the show’s second season have aired as I post this, but I’ve been taking the time to catch up on the first season via Netflix Streaming before watching the new year as I’ve mentioned. Really looking forward to diving into the new episodes later this week.
  • As always, your opinions matter so feel free to chime in on the comments with your thoughts on what you think may be too high or too low in the rankings.

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