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Still Sulking Over Community? Reinforcements Are On The Way

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With the recent news that NBC removed Community from its midseason schedule and that ABC omitted cult favorite but lowly rated Cougar Town from its own early-2012 slate, it’s good to hear that there will be at least two more quality options returning to the air to fill the void once the calendar shifts to January. FX announced today that Justified and Archer will each air their third seasons beginning on Tuesday, January 17 at 10:00PM for Justified and Thursday, January 19 at 10:00PM for Archer. Both of these shows were in the top ten of my most recent TV Power Rankings. Justified had a near-perfect sophomore campaign that featured Emmy-level performances from series lead Timothy Olyphant and c0-star Margo Martindale (who, in fact, actually won the Emmy for Best Supporting Actress In A Drama Series and rightfully so), and it occupied the top spot in the rankings for a good chunk of the year, while Archer continued to prove that it was not only one of the funniest but also was one of the smartest shows on television in its own second year. Archer will also lead into a new animated series on FX called Unsupervised from part of the creative team from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Unsupervised follows a couple of teens operating without parental supervision (thus, the title) and will feature the voices of Justin Long (Live Free Or Die Hard), David Hornsby (series co-creator and It’s Always Sunny‘s Rickety Cricket), Kaitlin Olson (It’s Always Sunny‘s Dee), and my beloved Kristen Bell (of Veronica Mars and Showtime’s upcoming House Of Lies). Looks like a solid pedigree and I’m already a whore for FX, so you can be sure I’ll be checking in on it. Mark your calendars.


Written by jeremylikestv

November 28, 2011 at 9:42 pm

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