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Rachel Bilson Is Adorable

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I get the backlash against Rachel Bilson’s doctor drama, Hart Of Dixie, on The CW. It’s lightweight and its premise — that a young big city doctor is told to head to a small town to work on her bedside manner, eventually falling into co-ownership of the practice that her heretofore unknown biological father willed to her — is kind of ridiculous. That said, I watched the show’s first two episodes and found them likable enough. Hart Of Dixie is lightweight comfort food — nothing more, nothing less. I was a big fan of Bilson’s work as Summer Roberts on The OC, liked Scott Porter on both Friday Night Lights and his arc on The Good Wife, and have been a fan of most of creator Josh Schwartz’s shows (The OC, Chuck, Gossip Girl). The show kind of hit my happy spots. However, it rubbed others the wrong way and I completely get that. But, regardless of your feelings on the show itself, it’s hard to watch the following video and not smile at the show’s ability to poke fun at itself while Bilson does her best Natalie Portman while looking like Eazy-E circa 1988. This is the new viral marketing and will likely do more for the show than any weak promo on The CW’s own network ever would. Enjoy.


Written by jeremylikestv

January 19, 2012 at 8:57 pm

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