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No Treme Until Fall

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Figured this news was significant enough to warrant its own post, seeing as HBO’s Treme earned a place in the Top 13.5 Shows of 2011 list [1]. Per Hitfix’s Alan Sepinwall, HBO announced that Treme is being held until fall instead of premiering in the spring, which is when its first two seasons hit the air. Since HBO typically only programs their prestige projects on Sunday nights and has a TON of stuff in the pipeline [2] vying for precious real estate in the next six months, it seems that the not-so-highly-watched Treme was a casualty of the sheer number of shows that will be hitting the air in the early half of 2012. What does this mean for Treme? Likely nothing good. With its poor ratings, it was better suited to air in the lower pressure spring/summer slot of the year and will likely be eaten alive in the dog-eat-dog world of the fall. Couple that with the distinct possibility – as Sepinwall notes – that it could be moved away from Sunday [3] and it’s looking like David Simon might not get the four seasons that he envisioned to wrap up Treme‘s story.

[1] Shameless plug.
[2] Including Luck, Girls, the second season of Game Of Thrones, the third season of Eastbound & Down, the new Ricky Gervais-helmed Life’s Too Short, Julia-Louis Dreyfuss’ Veep, Aaron Sorkin’s Newsroom, the fifth season of True Blood.
[3] HBO series that air away from the comfy Sunday night perch usually don’t hang around too long.


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