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Morning Links: 1/27/12

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Welcome to a new feature here on the blog, the Morning Links. Each weekday, I’ll provide you with some interesting television-related news items culled from the various TV websites I frequent on a regular basis with a slight bit of commentary attached. Pretty straightforward – no fuss, no muss. Light news day as I’m pretty much scraping for content, but the links don’t care. They just want to be loved:

*Hitfix’s Alan Sepinwall is on a nice interview streak here this week, this time sitting down with two of the brains behind the new HBO horseracing series Luck – head writer David Milch and executive producer Michael Mann. Needless to say, with those two involved, Dustin Hoffman taking his first television lead role, and people like Dennis Farina and Nick Nolte among the cast, this is one that I’m really, really looking forward to and even more so after seeing the pilot a month and a half ago when HBO previewed it in full following the Boardwalk Empire finale. It premieres on Sunday night so set your DVRs and in case you’re wondering, yes, Milch does seemingly talk like he writes dialogue. It’s kind of weird, but in a cool way.

*Via Warming Glow, here’s a pretty goddamn awesome four-minute video spanning the entirety of Breaking Bad’s run thus far. If you’re not up-to-date beware – spoilers ho. And if you’re not up-to-date, shame on you because this is one of the best television shows ever made and you’re missing it. Also? “I AM THE ONE WHO KNOCKS!”

*Part three of The AV Club’s Todd VanDerWerff episode-by-episode interview with Homeland co-creator Alex Gansa is up. Only one more day of me pimping this interview series. Promise.

*Alias fan fave Marshall (known as Kevin Weisman in real life) is set to join the cast of NBC’s very intriguing Awake, according to EW’s James Hibberd. That is, he’ll be joining the cast whenever NBC decides to get around to actually scheduling Awake. I mean, really, NBC – you find room for Whitney Cummings and Chelsea Handler sitcoms along with a television version of The Firm that no one ever asked for yet can’t find room for Community or Awake, the show routinely listed by critics as the best pilot of the 2011 fall season by far? But then, this is why you’re a fourth-place network.

*Yesterday was apparently Gossip Girl Day in New York City by official proclamation by NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg as part of a celebration of the CW series hitting the 100-episode milestone. Because of course it was.


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