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Morning Links: 1/30/12

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Welcome to the Morning Links. Each weekday, I’ll provide you with some interesting television-related news items culled from the various TV websites I frequent on a regular basis with a slight bit of commentary attached. Pretty straightforward – no fuss, no muss. Lot of good stuff but these are more Afternoon Links today since some idiot who runs this site didn’t schedule them correctly. Don’t worry — he’s been fired. Let’s get to it:

*Stop what you’re doing. New Game Of Thrones trailer via EW’s James Hibberd. Watch it. NOW!

*TV By The Numbers has their regular Bubble Watch feature out and they’ve focused this time on the state of NBC’s sitcoms. They feel that The Office is a lock to be renewed, particularly as it seems like it will serve as the launching pad for the proposed Dwight Schrute spinoff, but the better news is that they think that both Whitney and Are You There Chelsea? are likely to be cancelled in the face of soft numbers on Wednesday night. And even better than that? They think Community is a good bet to be renewed for a fourth season. From their lips to God’s ears. Seriously, God… I want more Community. Thanks in advance.

*Alan Sepinwall can’t be stopped. You can only hope to contain him and his interviews. This time it’s with Chuck co-creator Chris Fedak who post-mortems the series after Friday’s series-capper so… SPOILERS. Chuck was always a polarizing show to the online television community. Some (like Sepinwall) were huge fans while others were baffled by its appeal, particularly among a vocal fanbase that literally saved the show on more than one occasion. I’d say that I fell somewhere in the middle, trending towards Sepinwall’s group but there’s just something about the fact that the show was the first “regular” (as in, non-Nickelodeon) show that my son would ask for by name to watch with us. That’s gonna stay with me so, thank you, Chuck. I’m not current on this season so I can’t speak to how the finale came off, but I’m looking forward to catching up soon.

*Via The Hollywood Reporter, NBC has apparently ordered a sitcom from <stifles vomit> Ryan Murphy. No, NBC, no! That’s a bad NBC! I’d tell you what this show’s about but who cares? It’s going to be terrible and way too many people will watch it. That’s how these things go.

*Speaking of bad NBC, Hibberd says that Tim Tebow will be part of their Super Bowl coverage by virtue of his guest appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon this coming Wednesday night, which will be on the road in Indianapolis for Super Bowl Week. You know… if there’s one guy that needed more television exposure, it’s Tim Tebow. Amirite?

*According to TV By The Numbers, it looks like we’re going to be getting a third series of the BBC’s Luther, which is great because my TV needs more Idris Elba. The guy’s one of the most kickass actors working today and, in a perfect world, would be a huge movie star by now. He played one of the seminal characters on the brilliant HBO drama The Wire (but if you’re any kind of TV fan, you knew that already) so it’s a kick here to see him on the other side of the law – most of the time, anyway – on Luther.

*The AV Club’s Todd VanDerWerff episode-by-episode interview with Homeland co-creator Alex Gansa has come to an end with the fourth part being posted on Friday. If you’ve already read the first three, why stop now?

*HBO’s incredibly funny Eastbound & Down is back with an eight-episode new season beginning on Sunday, February 19. SNL’s Jason Sudeikis – one of comedy’s best utility players – joins the cast this season and, as I thought the first season was a bit stronger than last year’s sojourn into Mexico, I’m glad to see Kenny stateside and with much of the cast who comprised the season one ensemble back after sitting out most of season two.

*Fear Factor. Donkey semen. I think I’ve said enough.


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