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Morning Links: 2/17/12

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Welcome to the Morning Links. Each weekday, I’ll provide you with some interesting television-related news items culled from the various TV websites I frequent on a regular basis with a slight bit of commentary attached. Pretty straightforward – no fuss, no muss. Short on time today so the links are going to be brief. Apologies. Let’s get to it:

*Scary news as The Colbert Report abruptly suspended production on Wednesday night and Comedy Central has yet to give a full explanation for the shutdown. The Huffington Post is reporting that Colbert’s mother is seriously ill so our well-wishes go out to Colbert and his family. By all accounts not only is Colbert a talented comedian but he’s a great human being as well. Here’s hoping that everything is OK. (Via The AV Club)

*NBC has put the pilot for their ambitious new drama Awake up on the interwebz two weeks ahead of its March 1 premiere date. Check it out – it’s supposed to be really, really good and we need more of that on TV. (Via Hitfix)

*Giancarlo Esposito. Community. Awesome. I’m assuming he’s bringing his whole face with him but you never know. (Via Hitfix)

*Charlie Sheen has finally lashed out at Ashton Kutcher’s Two And A Half Men. Frankly, I’m shocked it took this long. Hell… I did it the other day. (Via The Hollywood Reporter)

*Looks like there could be some attrition in the Saturday Night Live cast with both Kristen Wiig and Jason Sudeikis mentioned as possibly exiting at the end of this season. Really, it makes sense as both of those actors have had success in other platforms but this news is met with a big shrug from me. Haven’t watched a full SNL in about a year and a half. (Via Warming Glow)

*Smallville’s Kristin Kreuk has been cast as the female lead in the pilot for The CW’s adaptation of Beauty And The Beast. Because, really, what the hell else was she doing? (Via TVLine)

*Colin Ferguson, erstwhile star of Syfy’s Eureka has been cast as the father in Cougar Town creator Bill Lawrence’s new pilot for Fox that examines a 19-year-old young man’s relationship with his 39-year-old father. Fox, you had me at “Bill Lawrence.” (Via The Hollywood Reporter)

*A list of every Simpsons chalkboard quote ever. If you didn’t think I was going to link this, I’m afraid you don’t know me very well at all. (Via Warming Glow)


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