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Morning Links: 3/9/12

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Welcome to the Morning Links. Each weekday, I’ll provide you with some interesting television-related news items culled from the various TV websites I frequent on a regular basis with a slight bit of commentary attached. Pretty straightforward – no fuss, no muss. Personal note – a very happy birthday to day to my incredibly awesome sister. Let’s get to the links:

*Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner admitted in an interview with The New York Times that he almost quit the show during contentious negotiations with AMC for the upcoming fifth season, which premieres Sunday March 25. Surely the dispute was over money, right? Actually, it was over Weiner’s adamant insistence that content not be cut back to make room for more advertising on one of the network’s flagship shows. This smells a little of PR BS but if it’s true, good on Weiner for fighting the good fight. (Via The Hollywood Reporter)

*Sons Of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter shared a little info on the fifth season of the show, likely set to bow this fall on FX, at PaleyFest on Wednesday night. According to Sutter, much of the season’s focus will be based around Jax’s ascension to head of SAMCRO as well as Tara trying to balance her career as a doctor with now being a full fledged club presence a la Gemma’s role for the entirety of the series. Sutter also says that we’ll see some of the fallout from Tig’s rash decision to retaliate against those he thought responsible for Clay’s shooting at the end of the fourth season via the introduction of scary gangbanger Damon Pope. I’m on record as not being thrilled with how this past season ended but there are enough interesting teases in that information to pique my interest for season five. (Via TVLine)

*Community trailer for the rest of the season. You had to know this was coming. I’m so in the tank for this show that it’s not even funny. (Via Warming Glow)

*BOOM. Neal McDonough – currently tearing shit up as Robert Quarles on Justifiedhas landed the lead role in Walking Dead creator Frank Darabont’s new period crime drama L.A. Noir. Frankly, I was already beyond anxious for this project and, suffice it to say, I’m considerably more excited with this news. (Via TVLine)

*Hulu’s Best In Show competition to randomly determine which television show people like more than the other indiscriminate choices is back for its third year. The winner gets nothing of consequence, so go vote. I did! (Via Hitfix)

*This has to be a first – a spoiler alert as a result of a courtroom testimony? Desperate Housewives fans (all eight of you still left) click with caution. (Via The Hollywood Reporter)


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