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The First New Series of 2015 is a Charmer

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For the first post back, I’m taking a look at the first all-new series of 2015, ABC’s Galavant, which is a show that took me somewhat by surprise because the advance word didn’t seem to be overwhelmingly positive. In addition, ABC’s strategy of double-pumping it over four weeks had the odor of burn-off. Added together, I was very wary going in, but I ended up being mildly shocked by just how much I enjoyed it.

Galavant stars the relatively unknown Joshua Sasse (Rogue, The Neighbors) as the titular Galavant, a knight suffers his love Madalena (Australian model Mallory Jansen) being taken from him by the effete and evil King Richard (a never-better Timothy Omundson from Deadwood and Psych). Galavant is later enlisted by the *deep breath* Princess Isabella Maria Lucia Elizabetta of Valencia (Strike Back’s Karen David) as her champion in a conflict with Richard, piquing his interest with word of how much Madalena claims to miss him. As the seconds to Galavant and Richard respectively, Luke Youngblood (Magnitude from CommunityPOP POP!!) and Vinnie Jones (various Guy Ritchie films) round out the cast.

Surprisingly, Galavant offers higher than average laughs in its first two episodes, mostly as a result of its Alan Menken-penned Flight Of The Conchords-esque songs that the characters use to flesh out the storylines. Additionally, a medieval musical comedy is rather unique for television right now, so it has its own niche to carve out in forms the comedy counterpart of sorts to similar (albeit non-musical) on-trend dramas like Game Of Thrones, Reign, and Outlander. My sense was that the premiere had a little more steam than the second episode did, largely because of the problems I had with what seemed like a miscast John Stamos’ performance as Galavant rival Sir Jean Hamm (unfortunately, that was actually the character’s name) in the second installment. Future episodes promise guest stars like Rutger Hauer, Anthony Stewart Head, and Ricky Gervais (!!), so hopefully they fare better than the admittedly game Stamos did.

Ultimately, you could do a lot worse than spending three or so hours with Galavant over the next month, though there may be more than that to come in the future since it did a surprising aggregate of 7.34 million viewers its first time out on Sunday. Though it’s not perfect, I do think that Galavant is beginning to charm me.

Episode 1.01/1.02 GradeB

Top Lines Presented Out of Context:

“And tonight, you will join me in my bed. And we will do it!!”

“(Singing) And so what if you have that pesky little muffin top?” “Wait… what?”

“Holy shit I’m out of shape. That was a long song.”

Where to Watch: Galavant on / Galavant on Hulu


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January 8, 2015 at 4:59 pm

Morning Links: 2/7/12

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Welcome to the Morning Links. Each weekday, I’ll provide you with some interesting television-related news items culled from the various TV websites I frequent on a regular basis with a slight bit of commentary attached. Pretty straightforward – no fuss, no muss. Let’s get to it:

*According to EW’s James Hibberd, Super Bowl XLVI (even though the end result sucked a big one) became the most-watched television program in history by attracting 111.3 million viewers on Sunday night, good for an INSANE 40.5 rating in the coveted 18-49 demographic. The fact that four of the top five most-viewed television programs of all-time are the last four Super Bowls is incontrovertible proof that football is king in the United States. As it damn well should be. It also boosted the second-season premiere of The Voice to the biggest non-sports rating (37.6 million and a 16.3 rating among 18-49 year-olds) in six years. Again… football = king.

*So M.I.A. flipped off the camera during her appearance with Madonna at halftime of the Super Bowl on Sunday night. I’d like to think that middle finger was directed straight at the Parents Television Council because those fascists deserve a big one being waved right in their collective faces. Danger Guerrero over at Warming Glow has a much more eloquent take than mine on the subject. Seriously – go read it.

*Will Ferrell did an ad for his pro-bono Old Milwaukee ad campaign that for some reason only aired in Nebraska during the Super Bowl. Because of course he did. (Via The AV Club)

*According to TVLine, ABC Family has picked up a new series from Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino that stars Broadway mainstay Sutton Foster (Flight Of The Conchords) as a Las Vegas showgirl who gets married and moves to the small town that her new husband grew up in. Yeah… I realize it doesn’t sound like the most exciting premise in the world but Sherman-Palladino created Gilmore Girls and if anyone tries to say anything negative about Gilmore Girls I swear I will end you.

*Cougar Town finally returns for its third season a week from tonight at 8:30 on ABC. Creator Bill Lawrence has taken the unusual step of releasing a trailer that shows much of the upcoming season’s goings-on as a way of enticing people who may not have sampled the show before. Believe it or not, despite its horrendous title, it’s actually one of the funniest shows on television. Do yourself a favor and check out the trailer. You’ll see what I’m talking about. (Via Hitfix)

*Hitfix’s Alan Sepinwall has an interview with the Teresa Rebeck, the creator of NBC’s latest big hope, Smash. I admit that shows like Smash aren’t usually my bag and NBC’s incessant pimping of the show over the past month has been off-putting but there are a lot of people – including Sepinwall – who I have a lot of respect for who’ve said that it’s actually a pretty good show so I plan on at least checking out the pilot on Hulu later in the week.

*This doesn’t come as a complete surprise, but HBO announced that Paz de la Huerta will not return for the upcoming third season of Boardwalk Empire. It’s not like her Lucy Danziger character will be missed but, I think I speak for everyone when I ask, “Where’s all the gratuitous nudity going to come from now?”